Moving Checklist

 A moving checklist makes it easier to remember the most important things to do before the moving day. 

6 weeks before your move you should...

  • Make a booking with your preferred moving company.
  • Sort through basement, loft and garage.
  • Make proper provision for pets.

5 weeks before your move you should...

  • Dispose the things you don't want to take. 

4 weeks before your move you should...

  • Start to prepare your mailing list of people who need your change of address.
  • Notify banks, savings account/s, credit card companies, hire or purchase and rental companies.
  • Start to round up passports, birth/marriage certificates and other family documents.
  • Check that electrical goods will work in your new home. 

3 weeks before your move you should...

  • Make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date.
  • Arrange for your mail to be forwarded.
  • Decide whether or not to buy any new household goods. 

2 weeks before your move you should...

  • Start to dismantle garden furniture or any other furniture that needs to be dismantled.
  • Make arrangements for connection of services at your new home.
  • Find new homes for your plants.
  • Pack and label all your boxes. 

1 week before your move you should...

  • Defrost the refrigerator/freezer.
  • Plan simple meals for moving day to avoid using appliances.
  • Separate luggage items you need for personal travel.
  • Clean garden tools, bicycles and any other gardening equipment.
  • Empty the tanks of powered tools such as mowers.
  • Arrange for someone to look after children on moving day. 

Moving day

Sit back, relax and watch your movers do the rest...
Download and print your own moving checklist here
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