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Moving with Sydney's most trusted moving company

Australia's Best Furniture Removalists
At Australia's Best, our mission is simply this: to handle your deliveries in a timely and cost-efficient manner and to stand behind not only our obligations, but also our clients, every step of the way. We have years of experience in local, long-distance and corporate relocations. Thousands of corporations, individuals and families have entrusted us with their most prized and valued belongings. One of the reasons is because we conduct our business with integrity. After all, without integrity, there could be no trust. Loading your furniture Loading and Packing your furniture on the vehicle needs plenty of experience and that is exactly what we have. We take a look at each and every room in the property and pre-plan the situation which reduces loading time and fatigue. We use plenty of pads and straps to ensure no damages occur while in transit, remember these are your valuables and the last thing you want is to have scratches or breakages on…

Property stylists in Sydney

Interior Decorators
KRIS and GREG LEVESON were among the pioneers of the Sydney property styling industry from more than 25 years ago. Then successful antique dealers, the couple discovered this niche business by chance when they were selling their own family home. By adding some unique pieces from their shop, with their special touch they transformed a rough and tumble, child-friendly home into a beautiful, inviting living space. The estate agent was so impressed he approached them to style other properties for sale. Realising their talent for creating spaces with "the WOW factor" and as demand for their service grew, they established LEVESONS HIRED INTERIORS. Today they offer the most experienced and professional styling service in Sydney. Kris and Greg Leveson were later joined by the talented second generation of the family, their son Tim in 1998, and their daughter Dante and her partner Olivier Renaud in 1999. Together the Leveson family have built a solid reputation with l…

Self storing tips and hints

Useful tips for storing furniture
When selecting a self storage facility Think about location. Are you going to need to access your storage building frequently? If so, aim for someplace nearby. Consider how much space you really need. Self-storage facilities rent units in all different sizes. It's best to opt for a smaller storage unit and pack it to the ceiling rather than pay for space you're not using. If even the smallest storage units are too much, look into mini-storage facilities: self-storage facilities that specialize in small loads. Be sure to ask facility representatives how and when you can access your unit. Most self-storage and mini-storage facilities allow for free access 24 hours a day, but some facilities have restrictions and others charge fees for access. Also ask about climate controlled units. If you're storing anything valuable or delicate - like antique furniture or important documents - it could be warped by being stored in space that's too hot, too…

Moving Checklist

A moving checklist makes it easier to remember the most important things to do before the moving day. 6 weeks before your move you should...Make a booking with your preferred moving company. Sort through basement, loft and garage. Make proper provision for pets. 5 weeks before your move you should...Dispose the things you don't want to take. 4 weeks before your move you should...Start to prepare your mailing list of people who need your change of address. Notify banks, savings account/s, credit card companies, hire or purchase and rental companies. Start to round up passports, birth/marriage certificates and other family documents. Check that electrical goods will work in your new home. 3 weeks before your move you should...Make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date. Arrange for your mail to be forwarded. Decide whether or not to buy any new household goods. 2 weeks before your move you should...Start to dismantle garden furniture or any other furniture that needs to be dismantled. Make a…

Finding reliable removalists in Sydney

What to do when searching for moving companies
Moving companies are often easy to find but searching for professional and reliable removals in Sydney is considered as one of the most stressful tasks. The last thing you would want is to have your furniture moved by non-experienced furniture removalists who will most probably damage your furniture and also over charge you at the end of your moving day.
Here are a few steps you should take when searching for a furniture removals companyStep 1:When searching for moving companies on Google, make sure you look at their reviews. Although some companies have outstanding reviews, make sure you look at all their reviews and not the ones showing on top of the list only. There might be a lot of bad reviews hidden that you will not know about and do not show up on their listing. So always click on the button that says "More Google reviews" on their Google business listing to see all the other reviews of that company.  Step 2:When contacting…